Which Perks do You Need in a New Car?

Which Perks do You Need in a New Car?

Preparing A Used Trailer For Your Tiny House

Clara Graves

The rising cost of real estate has prompted many people to seek shelter in small structures commonly referred to as tiny houses. If you are thinking of investing in a tiny house in the near future, having the ability to make your home mobile could give you the freedom you need to live your dreams. Investing in the right trailer is essential when it comes to building a mobile tiny house.

Here are two simple things you should do to ensure your a trailer is prepared to bear the weight of your small dwelling well into the future.

1. Remove any rust you see on your trailer.

Rust, if left unchecked, can seriously compromise the structural integrity of your used trailer over time. The last thing you want is for your new tiny house to collapse because rust caused your trailer to fail.

Once you purchase a used trailer, you should conduct a thorough visual inspection for signs of rust. Be sure to pay close attention to welded joints and also the undercarriage of the trailer where water and road salt can wreak havoc.

If you spot rust stains, use a very fine steel wool (either four-zero or six-zero) to rub out stains, then rinse the area with a mild detergent and some clean water. 

2. Repair any rotted wood on the bed of the trailer.

Many flatbed trailers feature a wood floor that sits over the metal frame. This wood floor can begin to rot as it is exposed to the elements over time. Before you lay the subfloor for your tiny house over the top of the existing wood bed of your used trailer, it is essential that you repair any rotted areas to prevent further damage.

Start by investing in some replacement boards with the same length and width measurements as the boards currently installed on your trailer. Inspect the existing wood trailer bed for signs of rot, which can include dry rot, white rot, or soft rot.

Remove any boards that show signs of damage by using a socket wrench to loosen the bolts holding each board in place. Measure and drill holes in the new wood planks for the fastening bolts to fit through, then lay the new wood plank where the old one used to be and secure it in place

Preparing your used trailer for a tiny house is essential when it comes to manufacturing a mobile living space that is structurally sound. To check out trailers you might be able to build on, contact a company like Hillsboro Industries.


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