Which Perks do You Need in a New Car?

Which Perks do You Need in a New Car?

Getting Your First Car? 3 Accessories You Should Purchase To Go Along With It

Clara Graves

If you are purchasing your first car this is an exciting time. To make this even more exciting there are many accessories you can purchase to go along with it. Below are three of these accessories so you can decide what would work best for you.

Custom Floor Mats

Floor mats are important as they protect the floorboard in your car from muddy footprints and other debris. Cars usually already come with floor mats but you can change them out for custom mats to personalize your car. Consider also putting a floor mat in the trunk, as it provides an even stronger hold for any items that you put in there.

You can find custom floor mats online and many manufacturers let you design them the way you want them to look. With other manufacturer's, you have a variety of already made designs and colors to choose from for your car. You may want to buy custom-fit car mats if you have a specific design in mind or want the most coverage for your vehicle's carpet and can't otherwise find what you want.

You also need to make sure the floor mats are sized correctly. The easiest way to do this is to measure the floor mats currently in your car. This will ensure they fit snug and tight.

Phone Mount

If you use your smartphone as your GPS or simply want a better view of the screen as you are driving, you should purchase a phone mount for your car. There are phone mounts that have a suction cup that sticks to the window or the dash. You can also find phone mounts that attach to your car's air vents. They can be installed within minutes and hold your phone securely.

There are also phone mounts that use a strong magnet that will hold your phone in place. You can swivel your phone in any direction if you need to see the phone's screen in a different angle. This type of mount also attaches to your car's air vents. This works by placing a small battery beneath the case on the back of your smartphone.

Bluetooth FM Transmitter

If the car does not have a Bluetooth hookup you can purchase a Bluetooth FM Transmitter. It connects to the cigarette lighter and has USB ports that you can use to charge your phone, attach a flash drive, and attach an SD card. The transmitter has a built-in microphone, so you can make your calls hands-free. The only thing you have to do is to pair the phone with the transmitter which generally only takes a few seconds.

If you purchase an FM transmitter, look for one that has a large screen to allow you to see phone numbers of people calling you, the songs that are playing, the FM frequency, and the volume level. 

You can enjoy your car even more by adding these accessories to it. 


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Which Perks do You Need in a New Car?

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