Which Perks do You Need in a New Car?

Which Perks do You Need in a New Car?

Benefits Of Car Window Tinting And Certain Precautions You Should Take

Clara Graves

There are certain car accessories and products that do not come standard on all vehicles. Regardless of the make, model, and year of your vehicle, things like extra-large cup holders and window tinting usually are after-market additions. It does seem strange, considering that window tinting has so many benefits. If you want to add window tint to your car windows, there are benefits to doing so, but there are also certain precautions you should take as well.

Prevent Sun Damage to Your Car's Interior

That mean old sun—it will either bleach the daylights out of soft fabric interiors or dry out and split leather and vinyl interiors. Either way, you end up with seats that look like they came out of the Mad Max movies. Window tint reduces the damage that the sun's rays cause, allowing your car's seats and interior to remain in decent condition for some time. Sun shades and parking in the shade significantly increase the helpful effect of window tinting.

Reduce the Temperature in the Car

Right now, your car has a very minimal coating on the windows. Temperatures inside a car soar over a hundred degrees on seventy- and eighty-degree days. When you climb in, it feels like a sauna, so you blast your air conditioning just to cool off the car. 

There are a couple of problems with this scenario:

  1. You are killing your car's A/C by doing this. It cannot constantly be cranked to the highest point to cool down a car that is way too hot.
  2. This is extremely inefficient, since your A/C is working overtime and then continuing to try and keep the vehicle cool long after you managed to reduce the interior temperature. Every time you get in and out of the car, it is akin to opening the front door of your house and leaving it open while your central air is running.

Yet, if your windows are tinted, the temperature in your vehicle will be significantly lower than if they are not tinted. It helps immensely, but you still should not overcompensate with A/C to cool your car. Instead, roll down the windows for the first five or ten minutes of your commute, and then turn on your A/C.

Provides Extra Privacy in Your Vehicle

Roll down the road with window tinting, and no one will ever see you do something gross or naughty. That is not the typical reason for darkening your windows, but it sounds good, right? Other people just like the idea of extra privacy because it makes them look like someone famous, a real "big wig." Whatever your reasons for doing so, you may really enjoy not having people stare at you at stop lights.

There is just one precaution you need to know about this benefit. You cannot legally darken your windows to the point where you cannot be seen inside at all. Commercial vehicles, such as limos, can do this, but passenger vehicles cannot.

There are many cities and states that have banned the ultra-dark window tinting, and those that have it on their vehicles either have to lighten it up or pay fines when they are caught. Usually, the reasons for the ban have a lot to do with safety, abductions, and/or criminal intent and criminal activity, all things you want to avoid. As much as you want to play movie star, you also want to avoid the movie star-level fines that you may have to pay. Be sure to tint only to the legally allowed dark shade and no further.

For more information on having your car's window's tinted, contact a company like SML Window Tint.


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