Which Perks do You Need in a New Car?

Which Perks do You Need in a New Car?

Replace Lights And Address Cosmetic Issues Pertaining To Your Vintage Car's Exterior

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Restoring your classic coupe may have been a dream of your's for some time. If the vehicle still runs and is only in need of replacement lights and cosmetic work, then consider the restoration project a hobby and take the time to occasionally make improvements to the vehicle. After restoring the outside of the car, have the car tuned up and inspected before driving your vintage vehicle or entering it in a classic car show. 

Replace Lights

Check all of the lights on your vehicle to determine which ones are damaged or have blown bulbs. While sitting inside of the car, make sure that the lighting mechanisms on your dashboard light up if they are supposed to when operating each of the lights. If any of the interior lighting isn't working, new fuses may be needed.

For all other lighting problems, including bulbs and housing assemblies, contact an automotive dealer that sells parts for vintage automobiles. Classic lights that are new are designed to look like the original lighting style but have been recently manufactured.

You can also contact a private seller to purchase used lights that are from the same model car that you own. Consider purchasing spare bulbs so that you have extras on hand in case another replacement needs to be made at a later date. If you haven't replaced lights or bulbs before, refer to your car's manual. Otherwise, take your car to a mechanic who has been trained to work on older model cars. 

Address Cosmetic Issues

If your car is only showing minor signs of damage, such as rust or chipped paint, you can eliminate the imperfections with a sanding disc, automotive primer, and paint. Purchase the exact same color of paint that is on your car's body. If your car contains a custom color or a glossy surface, snap a photo of your vehicle so that you can accurately match the color at an automotive supply business.

Try to shop at a business that caters to vintage car owners so that you are likely to find the shade of paint that you need. Your car needs to be clean and dry before sanding rust spots or administering primer and paint. Remember to cover trim on your car so that it does not get covered with either of the touch up products. After repairing and repainting small parts on the coupe's body, wax your car's exterior. Afterward, take your car to an automotive shop to have it inspected and tuned up. 

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Which Perks do You Need in a New Car?

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