Which Perks do You Need in a New Car?

Which Perks do You Need in a New Car?

Headliner Problems Your Vehicle May Need To Have Repaired

Clara Graves

Caring for the interior upholstery of your vehicle is an important part of maintaining it. However, individuals will often fail to consider the need to care for the headliner of their vehicle. In particular, there may be some damages that this part of the interior upholstery may suffer that will need to be repaired to restore the interior of the car.

Water Damage From Sunroof Leaks

A sunroof can be a luxurious feature for your vehicle that can improve airflow and provide you with warm natural sunlight. Unfortunately, the sunroof can develop leaks, and these leaks may allow large amounts of water to soak into the headliner. This water can warp and discolor the upholstery and padding that is under it. In some cases, this moisture may even contribute to mold and fungus growing in the headliner. A headliner that has suffered this type of damage will likely need to be replaced. Fortunately, replacing a headliner is a relatively short repair, and the technician will be able to match the fabric to the rest of the car's interior to ensure that it is restored to its original appearance.

Rips And Punctures When Loading Items Into The Vehicle

When you are loading items into and out of the vehicle, it can be possible to accidentally rip or puncture the headliner. If this damage occurs, it may be possible to repair it without having to fully replace the headliner. A repair technician may be able to patch the damaged portions of the headliner. In order for this to be a viable option, the damaged section of the headliner will need to be relatively small. Furthermore, the warping of the upholstery will need to be minor as excessive warping could make it difficult to effectively patch the area without leaving obvious signs of repair work being done to it.

Failing Adhesive

The headliner is held in place with a powerful adhesive. However, this adhesive will degrade over time, and this may eventually result in the headliner no longer being supported by the adhesive. Often, this problem will start with small pockets of the headliner starting to droop. If you notice this starting to occur with sections of your vehicle's headliner, it will be possible to apply new adhesive to the back of the headliner so that it will be secured back in place. Older cars that are in extremely hot climates can be especially vulnerable to needing this type of repair done as the intense heat could cause the adhesive backing to degrade more quickly. 

For more info, contact a vehicle headliner repair company. 


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